Are you looking for like minded women* from Zurich and its surrounding areas, who like to do fun stuff together while  being politically engaged for the rights of lesbian, bisexual and queer people? L-Punkt is the ideal organisation for you! We are a diverse group of current and former students and other interested people. You are always welcome here, no matter if you want to get involved  or just join us for a dinner and meet someone new. No matter if you are out or not.

Here you can learn about what we do and why you might want to join.

UPDATE: L-Punkt and z&h have merged! We are moving with the times, and that's why we are going away from the typical gender binary, and towards an association where everyone is welcome, regardless of gender identity. Our values, goals, and events are still the same, of course, and there will still be plenty of events just for women* - such safe spaces are important to us. Everything you need to know about the new organisation PolyUniQue can be found here.

You’ll also still be able to reach us via the contact form or e-mail on this website.

“We offer the possibility to get connected and find new friends to queer women* who do not yet know many other queer PEOPLE”


Once a month we come together to share a delicious dinner prepared by different members of the group. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new people or talk to friends.


We are engaged in political issues concerning more equality for members of the LGBTQ+ community. We actively participate in events like Zurich pride and IDAHOT in Bern.


L-Punkt also organizes events for its sporty members to be active together throughout the year – out in nature or on the soccer field.


We organize open mic sessions, go to the cinema together or attend concerts. A special highlight are our cozy film nights where popcorn always plays an essential part.

university life

As an organization associated with UZH and VSETH, L-Punkt is committed to the visibility and equality of LGBTQ+ women* in Zurich’s universities.

“I felt relieved when I found      L-Punkt. Before that, when going out I would only meet women that had little in common with me. On my first L-Punkt event I knew that I had found a place where I could fully be myself. I have met many interesting women who ARE easy to talk to”.

The asterisk is supposed to stop the reading flow and raise awareness that gender identity can correspond to or differ from norms associated with the sex we are assigned at birth. / Der Asterisk dient dazu, den Redefluss zu stoppen und das Bewusstsein zu stärken, dass Geschlechtsidentität den Normen, die mit dem bei der Geburt zugeteilten Geschlecht verbunden sind, entschprechen kann oder nicht.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to put a face to L-Punkt with their photos.



L-Punkt - Verband der Studierenden der ETH (VSETH) CAB

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